An In depth study into what makes an Algebraic Structure a group

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Having gone through the definition of a group along with a few examples in the previous article, we shall now explore, in more detail, what makes an Algebraic Structure (G,*) a group. (Yes I know cornered brackets were used in the previous article, but due to <G> already being the…

A Friendly Introduction To Abstract Algebra

John Von Neumann flexing with Quantum physics
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It is safe to say most people are familiar with Algebra from High School which involves solving and manipulating equations where operation(s) is/are defined. In Abstract Algebra ,however, we set out to find the hidden rules or assumptions we make when solving equations. …

Tricks Of The Trade In Undergraduate Mathematics-Operators

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Understanding mathematical objects is paramount to problem solving because if you don't even know the players involved you can't understand what the problem is in the first place. In my last post we saw what mathematics objects are and we dealt with two…

Ekene Atuchukwu

I am currently a third year mathematics major with passion in learning and understanding the awesome nature of mathematics.

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